Chocolate Covered Nibs

Taza Chocolate

Chocolate Covered Nibs
  • $13.50

Small pieces of organic, roasted cacao beans coated in Taza Stone Ground Dark Chocolate.

Taza Chocolate Covered Nibs are little pieces of roasted cacao bean enveloped in a thick layer of Taza Chocolate. We make them by hand in small batches using organic beans sourced directly from cacao growers. The combination of nutty, crunchy nib and fruity, rich chocolate makes for one seriously delicious snack. Taza Chocolate Covered Nibs are great for baking or topping ice cream too.


55% Dark Chocolate. Ingredients: Organic dark chocolate (roasted cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla bean), organic roasted cacao nibs. May contain traces of tree nuts and/or peanuts.



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