Classic Caramel Popcorn

CC Made

Classic Caramel Popcorn
  • $8.00

Start with organic yellow popcorn bought directly from the farmer, pop it with some olive oil, add that to perfectly cooked caramel that has been seasoned just right, mix the scalding mixture by hand and you will end up with the most addictive caramel corn or … you can just buy a couple of bags of our caramel corn and avoid the injuries.

About CC Made:

My first exposure to eating at amazing restaurants was when I began working as a junior currency trader on the Bank of America trading floor. It was immediately apparent to me that I was working in the wrong industry. So, without any formal or informal training, I walked into Vertigo, a critically acclaimed restaurant at the base of the TransAmerica building, and asked for a job working in the pastry department. Then when Traci Des Jardins opened Jardiniere, I started working for her from the first night. I continued my on the job training to learn about flavor pairings, cheese, wines, and especially desserts.

After a year, I left the kitchen to work with my husband in our computer consulting business. Following several years of raising children and only cooking for my family and friends, I decided to go back to what I was passionate about. This is when I started C.C. Made.

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