JC Schmokin Cherry Jam

Butcher's Bunches

JC Schmokin Cherry Jam
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Asked to create a “pepper jam” by a close friend, this one just stuck around (along with the “JC”-his initials!)  Tart Cherries are blended with a variety of peppers that I grow in my own garden as well as Utah's award winning habanero's and jalopeno's from the 2011 State Fair and a bit of lime juice.  It is fantastic, sugar free, and wonderful served any way you want!  Try it over cream cheese as an appetizer or even on ice cream or cheesecake with a bit of shaved chocolate!  YUM!

About Butcher's Bunches

Butcher’s Bunches has reinvented the word jam by creating innovative flavor combinations using only local produce as well as recreated the more common flavor preserves by completely eliminating the use of sugar (or its unhealthy substitutes) and instead using unique, fresh spices and other flavorings to enhance the fresh taste of their ingredients.

 Our handcrafted jams and preserves are made in Logan and Woods Cross, Utah with locally and sustainably grown produce. We start with the produce - most of it right out of our garden... what we don't grow ourselves, we buy from local growers, such as cherries from Brigham City and Payson and White Flesh peaches from Brigham City and Ogden. We finish with high-quality ingredients like Amano chocolate, Grand Marnier and Amaretto. Our sweet jams are naturally sweet and our savory preserves are perfect for marinades and homemade salad dressings.

Butcher’s Bunches makes jam in small batch quantities guaranteeing consistency and quality; another anomaly in today’s world.

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