Pineapple Salsa

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Pineapple Salsa
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Susan's All Natural Gourmet Salsa's have a unique homegrown flavor that is one of a kind.

The original Green Tomato Salsa was created from an old family recipe using fresh green tomatoes and vegetables straight from the garden. Chopped, mixed and canned by hand with love, this unique salsa was given as gifts to friends and family and was loved by all. With a slightly sweet, slightly hot flavor, these salsa’s will get you dancing with joy! These come in hot, medium or mild so you can decide on the heat. Never enough to go around!

Then came the fruit!

In 2008, Susan created a line of fruit salsa’s that fast became the favorite’s. Using fresh mango, pineapple and peaches combined with fresh vegetables and just the right amount of spice, these fruit salsa’s will take you island hopping in your own home. Bring a taste of the tropics home with Susan's All Natural Gourmet Fruit Salsa's. Pop open a jar today and experience a wave of tropical bliss.


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